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Fences: A Beautiful Frame For Your Home

Fencing is a fantastic way to create a boundary within your home, whilst maintaining a decorative appearance. The type of fencing and its style will dictate the effect it has on your property. Whether you need more security or a decorative boundary to compliment a well-manicured garden, there’s a fence out there for everybody.

If you’re interested in what fencing can do for your house and your options, then check out this useful guide.

The Benefits Of Fences

Fencing has been used for a multitude of purposes throughout time. Evidence of this can be seen across the UK. From ancient hedgerows dividing fields to monolithic dry-stone granite walls littering our moorland, fences have been around for an age.

Nowadays, livestock and agricultural fencing is very different to the boundaries we place in our gardens, but the purpose is still somewhat shared. Fences are fantastic for defining a boundary, containing pets and children and complimenting an already beautiful outdoor space.

Decorative Garden Fencing

To create a frame for your garden that matches the original style, it’s important to consider the different types available. Some styles are more cost-effective, while others offer a modern, contemporary theme. Regardless of your outdoor space, there’s a suitable fencing style for you.

panel garden fencing

Feather Edge, Vertical & Closed Board Timber Fences

This classic timber fencing is very common in the UK. It’s extremely cost-effective and can be very versatile. It’s an easy way to contain pets and children while complimenting a cottage or suburban style.

picket fencing

Picket, Slatted & Trellis Fencing

These types of fences are decorative by nature, and although they can deter intruders and elusive pets, they don’t take much ingenuity to bypass. This means that if security is important, picket or trellis probably isn’t the best choice. However, they’re incredibly effective at complimenting certain garden styles whilst also allowing climbing plants to flourish.

Entrance And Wooden Fence Of Backyrad Flower Garden

Custom Contemporary

If you own a modern home, then your garden probably reflects that too. If this is the case, you probably want your fencing to follow suit as well.

Contemporary custom fences usually take advantage of hardwood timber to create solid shapes and consistent patterns. This way, they can blend with a garden that reflects the same style.

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