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Fencing Contractors Birmingham

If you’re looking for fencing contractors in Birmingham, you’ve found the right place. Two Brothers Maintenance Ltd have installed a huge amount of fencing over the years and are experts in the fencing sector. Whether you need to replace an existing fence, define a boundary, create a secure perimeter, increase privacy or provide shelter, we can assist with the installation of a new fence.

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Our Fencing Services

We provide long-lasting timber fence installations for commercial and residential clients within a wide range of settings. We can advise on heights, styles and finishes that suits your requirements and match up correctly with the intended purpose. From picket fencing for school playgrounds to panel fencing in outdoor spaces, our timber fence installations are carried out to high standards.

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Wooden Fence Installation

We provide long-lasting, built-to-last wooden fence installations for commercial clients within a wide range of settings. From picket fencing for school playgrounds and public parks, to panel fences around offices and industrial units, we can do it all.

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Fence Panel

Quality Timber Fencing

Substandard fencing materials lead to substandard fences, which is why we only supply high quality products. We source all of our timber fencing from a range of local, reliable merchants and building suppliers.

The timber comes pre-treated for use in an outdoor environment, ensuring that your fence not only stands strong on completion but that it continues to do so for many years to come.


Yes. Although we specialise in timber fencing, we can also assist with a project that involves metal fencing.

We specialise in complete fence installation as opposed to small repairs. Although, if a large section or entire fence needs replacing, we can certainly assist.

Yes! We can also supply and fit gates. Please contact us for more information.

This will depend on your property and where the boundaries are. The UK has specific garden fencing rules that must be followed, or you could face legal action. 

In most cases, installing a garden fence is straightforward and doesn’t require legal permission. The most important thing is to ensure that your fence is not too high or encroaching on your neighbour’s property.

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