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Pressure Washing Birmingham

Two Brothers Maintenance have been carrying out pressure washing in Birmingham and the surrounding areas for many years, and as a result have built up the necessary knowledge, skills and professional grade equipment to tackle a varied range of pressure washing work.

Because of this, you’ll be amazed by the difference it can make to a wide range of surfaces, from tarmac and brickwork to decking and cladding.

Likewise, our state-of-the-art high pressure cleaning equipment makes quick work of staining, moss and algae, grease, grime and general dirt build-up.

As a result your outdoor spaces look great, but they’ll also be less hazardous once slippery residue has been blasted away.

We also provide window cleaning, gutter cleaning, tree care, grounds maintenance and fencing for a comprehensive service from one company.

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Our Pressure Washing/Cleaning Services

We use modern, powerful pressure/jet washing machines that cut through stubborn stains.

Although we specialise in the commercial sector, most of our equipment can also be used in residential spaces.

We provide one-time cleaning or routine visits to keep exteriors presentable all year round.

We can restore everything from muddy and slippery block paved carparks and driveways to slabbed patios and algae-ridden pathways.

Cleaning of timber decking is also a common request, restoring the original wood grain and natural colours ahead of varnishing or repainting.

Surfaces/Areas Suitable for Pressure Washing

There are many hard surfaces suitable for pressure washing and/or targeted moss treatment, including:

Re-sanding Block Paving

When a block paved surface is pressure washed correctly some of the jointing sand binding the surface together is removed.

In order to once again return the surface to it’s tightly bound structure these gaps need to be filled back in with sand.

It is important to note that not just any sand should be used for this purpose – we always use a good quality kiln dried sand.

This grade of sand is perfect because like the name suggests it has been kiln dried and is fine enough for brushing deep down into the joints of the paving which helps prevent movement while still allowing drainage.

Moss Treatments

Not only is moss and algae very unsightly, it creates huge problems on surfaces by making them dangerously slippery.

In some instances moss can actually cause damage to paths, creating cracks as it grows.

For these and other reasons, it is a very good idea to act swiftly when you notice moss growing on your paths, car parks or other areas where foot and vehicle traffic is present.

Some surfaces are not well suited to using a pressure washer to remove moss (like tarmac, brittle concrete or artificial turf) so the best option with surfaces of this type is a targeted moss treatment.

We use commercial grade multi surface mould cleaners to control growth of moss in a short time without the need for pressure washing or scrubbing.

Our treatments have a slow cleaning action in the weeks following and they are extremely successful in the maintenance of moss and algae.


Some of the benefits of pressure washing your home or business’s patios, paths and driveways include:

  • Preventing slips and falls
  • Removing moss
  • Lifting stains, such as oil
  • Improving exterior appearances
  • Boosting kerb appeal
  • Risk reduction in public spaces

Our services are predominantly in the commercial sector but are also available to private or residential clients. We clean sports grounds, playgrounds, communal areas, large drives and many surfaces surrounding commercial properties. Plus, we provide competitive contracts for routine cleaning and ground maintenance. Call for more details.

We can carry out cleaning or moss treatments on solid flat surface roofs but not on pitched or tiled roofs.

The short answer is Yes! Failure to re-sand a block paved surface, especially if used for vehicles will cause structural problems in the future. Kiln dried sand applied to the paving gaps help to provide a level of friction and literally locks the pavers into place, creating a strong weight bearing surface. A professional cleaning company should always inform you of this as part of the cleaning process.

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