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The Importance Of Proper Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance is vital in keeping a tidy home, and saving costs before it gets out of hand. From lawn mowing and weeding to hedge or tree pruning, maintaining your garden is a lot of work. Whether you want to do this yourself or hire a professional to take the pressure off, it’s important to know the role a manicured garden plays in property health and value.

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What Is Grounds Maintenance?

Grounds maintenance is an all-encompassing trade, it can be both commercial or domestic depending on the property you own. It includes the maintenance of outdoor space in general, this can be paths, driveways, hedges, lawns, raised beds and tree maintenance. Ultimately, if it’s a part of your outdoor space, ground maintenance takes care of it.

Saving Cost With Professional Gardening

When looking at a professional service for grounds maintenance, you’re probably considering the extra cost, not what it could save you. However, the reality is that when a garden or space becomes overgrown, overcrowded and out of hand, it can cost far more than weekly maintenance ever would. Something that would be an hour’s work every week, can quickly cascade into weeks of work to renovate and replace damaged property.

We recommend spending at least an hour or more on your garden, depending on the size, in order to keep it healthy and cost-effective. Whether you want to do this yourself or hire an expert service is up to you. It’s important to bare in mind that a professional will likely be quicker, and have the necessary tools to be more efficient.

How Regular Grounds Maintenance Can Increase Your Property Value

A well-manicured garden is attractive to a potential buyer. By utilising regular ground maintenance, you can ensure that if you ever come to sell your home, the garden won’t cost a penny to help with the sale. Neglected gardens can be quite costly to renovate. By simply spending a bit of time each week with a professional service, or by yourself, you can ensure no work will need to be done at the point of selling.

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We specialise in high-quality and efficient ground maintenance. All our contractors are knowledgeable, certified and equipped with the appropriate tools to ensure all work is carried out quickly and regularly. For a free quote, or to discuss your garden, get in touch with us today.

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